Thank you for taking the time to consider St Joseph’s for your child. We understand what an important decision it is for you. 

Even though St Joseph’s Primary School is a small school, we believe that we offer the finest in 21st Century education. Our teachers are well informed, dedicated professionals who pride themselves on helping each child reach his or her potential. 

We base all our interactions at St Joseph’s on the Gospel values of Jesus. This means our students understand the need for inclusion, compassion, thoughtfulness and love for our fellow human beings.

Please feel free to contact the school on 02 6458 3776 if you would like to visit at a convenient time or email the school at office.stjbombala@cg.catholic.edu.au. 

Warm regards,

Susan Tighe


students in front of garden

“I didn’t have a religious reason to send my child here, it was word of mouth. I walked out of St Joseph’s after the initial visit and thought, this is outstanding.” St Joseph’s parent

“The school has exceeded my expectations. What I was looking for was a nice little school, that sort of old-time niceness and innocence, that taught kids values. This school has a nurturing close environment and I thought, yes, that’s where I want my baby to be.” St Joseph’s parent

“One of our children needed extra support through school. He was offered everything he needed and that got him up to speed and ready for the next level.” St Joseph’s parent

“I went to St Joseph’s. My husband went to the public school and so we had a debate about it. I took him up there on St Joseph’s open day and he was 100 percent behind it. The smaller class sizes and the more one-on-one approach was the tipping point for him.” St Joseph’s parent

“I love how well the teachers get to know the children as individuals. They recognise things like their insecurities or their strengths and the kids respond well to their enthusiasm and care.” St Joseph’s parent

“My child is not just another student, she is seen as an individual.” St Joseph’s parent

“I worried that it would be the squeaky wheel that gets the oil and my child is a good quiet child, so I was very glad that her talent in maths was recognised and extra challenges given.” St Joseph’s parent

“The transition to secondary school was straightforward. St Joseph’s equipped my child well.” St Joseph’s parent

“If I’ve had issues I’ve been able to go to the school and they’ve been able to work with me and get things done. I know I can voice my concerns and have them listened to and dealt with in a way that is appropriate.” St Joseph’s parent

“The principal is amazing. She is very experienced and efficient and makes it all seem effortless.” St Joseph’s parent

Enrolment Enquiry

Thinking of enrolling? Need more information before you decide?

We would love to meet you and show you what our school has to offer. If you would like more information on our school, or to book a tour, please pop your details in below.