Teaching and Learning

At St Joseph’s we take pride in delivering an education that caters for a diverse group of learners in a rural setting. We aim to build a community where students conduct active investigations through research and higher order thinking into questions, issues and ideas.

The school delivers learning programs that guide all students towards independent work with support matched to individual learning needs.

Extra- Curricular

Here at St Joseph’s we offer a number of extra-curricular clubs that allow students to develop their knowledge and skills while having fun and interacting with peers. These include:

  • Coding Club
  • Drama Club
  • Guitar Club
  • Games Club

Throughout the year the students also have the opportunity to participate in tennis and swimming programs as well as attend various community events and excursions.  

Religious Education

“An education in the fullness of humanity should be the defining feature of Catholic Schools.” - Pope Francis

St Joseph’s aims to be a faith filled Catholic learning community where all are welcome and inspired to grow to their potential. Religious Education is an essential and valued area of leaning at St Joseph’s which develops students’ religious literacy in the light of the Catholic learning tradition, empowering all to create a better world.

At St Joseph’s we endeavour to:  

  • Develop a sense of belonging to a Catholic community with knowledge of the life, faith, tradition and mission of the Catholic Church.
  • Promote principles and skills to reflect, discern, critically think and decide how to actively live as a committed Christian in the wider community.
  • Nurture a realisation and appreciation for the diversity and value of each individual and a respect for different cultural traditions and religions. 
  • Develop a capacity to support the faith of the individual, families and community with a sense of peace, harmony and compassion.