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St Joseph’s Primary School School Community Council

31 Queen St, Bombala. 2632

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Mrs Kath Farrell


Dear Parent/ Guardian

On behalf of St Josephs School Community Council, I welcome you to St Josephs Primary School Bombala. Thank you for taking the time to consider enrolling your child in our marvelous school.

Although St Josephs Primary School is a small school, we have a proactive community associated with the school. This community is made up of the School teachers and staff, children’s immediate and extended family along with members of St Mary’s Catholic Parish.

To give representation to the whole school community, we have the School Community Council (SCC). The Council acts as a forum for the school community in a variety of ways, including providing support and advice into:

The council also works closely with the Principal and staff to promote our school, and by supporting pastoral care strategies in the school and wider community.

St Joseph’s School community is well recognized throughout the Bombala Shire area for our many fundraising achievements, including our annual activities such as the Debutante Ball, Monster Wood Raffle, Street Stall and our high level of catering for events such as the Calf Sale and Race Day.  I personally receive great satisfaction in participating in these activities, they are generally a fun day with lots of opportunity for social interaction and the great feeling of having achieved.

Our school always welcomes family participation - Parents, grandparents and extended family are welcome to share in excursions, school based activities and events, and /or share their skill by contributing to the children’s sporting, craft and educational experiences.

A part of what makes our school  unique is its size, we are a small school but this gives many advantages, our children are given many opportunities to build confidence and self esteem as there are many opportunities to do well. Each child is well known and cared about by all of the teachers, the students grow to know each other and look out for each other through from year six to kinders.

We are a very friendly, open and hardworking community committed to the wellbeing and education of our children.


Warm Regards


Kath Farrell

St Josephs School Community Council