Enrolling Now for 2019


Thank you for taking an interest in our school as a place of excellence in education.  The choice of school for your child is an important step for you and your family, we warmly welcome you to contact the school office to enable you to have any questions or concerns answered, or to make a time to view our school envorinment.


  • The minimum age for enrolment in Kindergardten is 5 years by 30 April in the year of enrolment.
  • A formal enrolment period takes place in May each year. However we are open to enrolment enquiries at any time and we welcome your expression of interest.
  • To make an enrolment enquiry please email office.stjbombala@cg.catholic.edu.au or phone 02 6458 3776


Enrolment Requirements

All interested parents/guardians wishing to enrol their child at St Joseph's are invited to meet with the Principal for a formal interview as part of the enrolment process.

All parents/guardians are required to sign the application form and agree to its contents before enrolments can be accepted.  Documentary evidence of Birth Certificate and Baptisim (if applicable) must be provided.

An Immunisation Certificate is also required.  Immunistation is recommented but not compulsory.  Non-immunised children may be excluded from school at times of outbreak of some diseases. 


St Jospeh's Primary, as part of the Archdiocese of Canberra Goulburn, works within the Enrolment Policy developed by Catholic Education.  Click on the links below to access an enrolment form or the enrolment infomration

Enrolment application form

Enrolment Information



Enrolment policy for Special Needs Students

Students with disabilities are enrolled at the school according to the guidelines and proceedures outlined by Catholic Education.  All known information about your child regarding physical, mental or learning needs must be discolsed at the time of application.  In some cases a representitive from the Catholic Education Office may be invited to participate in the interview process and a special needs committee may be convened prior to enrolment acceptance to sensure that the child's needs and parent expectations are established.  The committee will also pursue available resources and funding avenues.